ELC Courses

Customise your course

ELC's unique system allows students to tailor their course to their individual needs and interests. Choose your major study program according to your goals; Special Focus Modules according to your needs and take any optional English Extras classes which interest you.

Major Courses - 15 hrs/ week

This is your main course of study. Choose from:

General English
Premium English

General + Business English
Academic English

Special Focus Modules - 5 hrs/ week

These classes focus on your areas of special need or interest. You can take each module for between 4 and 12 weeks. Choose your class when you start at ELC and change every 4 weeks if you wish.

  • Communication skills
    • Speaking, Listening and Vocabulary (SLV)
      This popular intensive conversation class will help you to speak more fluently and use a wider range of vocabulary on everyday topics of interest.
    • Real English
      This class teaches you to use English effectively for everyday tasks in such as shopping, banking and using public transport.
  • Work Skills
    • Business English
      This is for students who work or would like to work in a company where a good level of spoken and written English is necessary. Lessons focus on practical English for the international workplace as well as specialist vocabulary for a range of industries and professions.
  • Exam Skills
    • IELTS Testbuster
      Learn tips for IELTS exam success, complete practice tests and tasks with feedback and target your strengths and weaknesses for exam success.
  • Academic Skills
    • English for Further Studies
      You'll focus on the skills you need to study at university or college in English including presentations and assignments.
  • Core Skills
    • Grammar
      Improve your accuracy in spoken and written English. Learn how to use a wider range of language and express yourself in more complex ways.
    • Writing Skills
      Learn how to write effective letters, emails, reports and essays a useful class for students who will do further studies or work in English.

English Extras - 5 hrs/week (with full-time day courses)

We offer a great range of workshops, activities and classes for 1 hour each day for all full-time day students. These classes give you the chance to personalize your course, choosing the classes that you need or which interest you the most.

  • Conversation
    • Talk to other students and teachers about things that interest you a different topic each week.
  • Pronunciation
    • Learn how to make your English sound clear and natural.
  • Film English
    • Improve your listening and vocabulary skills through our selection of short entertaining videos
  • Anecdote
    • These lessons are based around short videos of English speakers talk about an everyday topic. Learn the language and prepare to talk about this yourself.
  • Cultural Studies
    • Learn interesting facts about Malaysian culture, history, travel destinations and lots more.
  • Excursions
    • Visit a different place in Kuala Lumpur each week with an ELC teacher.
  • Guided Independent Study
    • Study independently in our well-resourced learning centre with the guidance and support of a teacher.
  • Presentations
    • A weekly workshop for academic English or business English students who need to perfect their presentation skills.
  • Exam skills
    • We run IELTS exam practice classes. Come every week for intensive practice.
  • Soft skills
    • Learn essential skills to increase your employability in English such as giving explanations, negotiating and making proposals

Course level guidelines


Classes run from 9.15am - 4.20pm


Included in all courses

  • Coursebook
  • Weekly progress tests
  • Tutorials
  • Certificate of completion and record of level
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